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Title: Synthesis of structural ensure vacuum ion-plasma sprayed coat-ings devices for blades of gas turbine engines
Authors: Mikhailov, Alexander Nikolaevich
Mikhailov, Dmitry Alexandrovich
Holubov, Artem
Михайлов, Александр Николаевич
Михайлов, Дмитрий Александрович
Голубов, Артем
Keywords: installation productivity
faceplate of the vacuum chamber
structural model
Issue Date: 2015
Publisher: DonNTU
Citation: Mikhailov, A. N. Synthesis of structural ensure vacuum ion-plasma sprayed coat-ings devices for blades of gas turbine engines / A. N. Mikhailov, D. A . Mikhailov // International Journal of Innovative and Information Manufacturing Technologies. - 2015. - № 2. - P. 34-40.
Series/Report no.: Number 2, (2015);7
Abstract: The article presents data on structural synthesis of technological maintenance of the vacuum chamber of the ion-plasma installations. It proposed to carry out the creation of the layout scheme based on the principle of the faceplate-structural fashion-li. In principle, the structural model is based on the composition of the structural model of the spatial layout and concept of kinematical motion scheme of functional elements of the faceplate of the vacuum chamber. Rational version-essentially determined by structural models of technical and economic parameters of vacuum ion-plasma system. The work-seemed particularly synthesis of technological support to generate multiple options, funda-mentally structural models chucks vacuum chamber.
URI: http://ea.donntu.org/handle/123456789/29631
ISSN: 2311-6765
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