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Title: Technological features of gte compressors blades restoration by using the function-oriented coating
Authors: Mikhailov, Alexander Nikolaevich
Lakhin, Alexei
Mikhailov, Alexander Nikolaevich
Михайлов, Александр Николаевич
Лахин, Алексей
Keywords: function-oriented coatings
gas-turbine engine
technology of restoration
technology of restoration
vacuum ion-plasma coatings
Issue Date: 2015
Publisher: DonNTU
Citation: Mikhailov, D. Technological features of gte compressors blades restoration by using the function-oriented coating / D. Mikhailov, A. Lakhin, A . Mikhailov // International Journal of Innovative and Information Manufacturing Technologies. - 2015. - № 2. - P. 41-48
Series/Report no.: Number 2, (2015);8
Abstract: In article it is analyzed features of using the GTE compressors blades and there are data about technological features of their restoration by using the function-oriented coating. In work the parameters of corrosion and erosive coating destruction during operation compressors blades are considered. The universal structure of restorations manufacturing process titanic alloyed blade with ion-plasma coatings restoration is developed. This technological process is structured by the main stages. To increase resistance and for uniformity erosive destruction of coating during using of them, there is offered an application of function-oriented coating.
URI: http://ea.donntu.org/handle/123456789/29636
ISSN: 2311-6765
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