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Title: Archaeosimulation: new sight on ancient society and lessons for computer era
Other Titles: Archaeosimulation: новый взгляд на античное общество и уроки компьютерной эры
Authors: Anopriyenko, A.A.
Аноприенко, Александр Яковлевич
Keywords: archaeosimulation
world tree
life tree
malta plate
ancient measuring tools
Great Pyramids
Великие пирамиды
древние измерительные инструменты
мировое древо
древо жизни
Issue Date: 2001
Publisher: DonNTU
Citation: Anopriyenko, A. Archaeosimulation: new sight on ancient society and lessons for computer era // Problems of Simulation and Computer Aided Design of Dynamic Systems. Scientific Papers of Donetsk State Technical University. – Sevastopol : Weber, 2001. - Vol. 29. - P. 320-326.
Abstract: By the word "archaeosimulation" we shall designate ancient methods and tools for simulation. The sky was almost always one of the most complex and important objects of simulation for mankind. Therefore the term "archaeosimulation" in many respects is the same to known terms "archaeastronomy" and "astroarcheology". However we shall understand it much wider: as all tools and methods, which provide not only storage and transfer of knowledge, but also their production and clarification? The main object of the ancient simulation was not only the sky, but also the person as a part of the universe.
URI: http://ea.donntu.edu.ua/handle/123456789/3534
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