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Title: Effect of temperature on the form change of a palladium plate during its one sided saturation with hydrogen
Authors: Lyubimenko, E.N.
Goltsova, M.V.
Любименко, Елена Николаевна
Гольцова, Мария Викторовна
Keywords: hydrogen
palladium plate
gradient alloy
concentration stresses
form change
палладиевая пластина
концентрационные напряжения
градиентный сплав
Issue Date: 2012
Publisher: Pleiades Publishing, Ltd.
Citation: Gol’tsova, M.V. Effect of Temperature on the Form Change of a Palladium Plate / M.V. Gol’tsova, E.N. Lyubimenko // The Physics of Metals and Metallography.- 2012.- Vol.113, No.2.- Р.153–159.
Abstract: Effect of temperature on the regularities and scale of form changes of a palladium plate has been studied in a cantilever mode of fixation of a specimen, during its one sided saturation with hydrogen. The form change of the plate is confirmed to be developed in two stages. During the first short time stage, the maximum form change (bending) of the plate is reached. The temperature dependence of the maximum bend of the plate is described by an extremal function. During the second stage, which is of substantially longer duration, a plate straightening takes place. At low temperatures, the residual steady-state bend of the plate is 20–30% of the maximum form change. As the temperature increases, the bend reversibility increases and at 320–350°C the phenomenon becomes completely reversible. The mechanism of form change is discussed, and its phenomenological analysis is given.
URI: http://ea.donntu.edu.ua/handle/123456789/8520
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